What a weekend!

Had a very busy weekend. Started out with cleaning our wooden floor throughout the house. It needed to be oiled up, so we had to move all the furniture and get the floor clean – before putting the oil on. My arms felt so tired from running the oil on the floor all the time, and my knees were done in after a day like that from crouching trough the whole house like a cat.

My hubby is having is having issues with his ribs/muscles at the moment, and I didn’t wanted him to be even more sore – so I did not want him to help me with the heavy intensive stuff. He helped me a lot of other things during the day. Couldn’t of done it without him though.

Cause we had to move all the furniture, it was the ideal moment to disconnect the whole tv cabinet and label all the wires before connecting them again. Took us a while though! But now it’s done, and it’s proper nice now!

We had talked about going shopping for a tv cabinet for the upstairs man cave. But the store we wanted to go to is a big one, a busy one… and my anxiety kicked in and told me not to go. I would of rather ordered online and payed double the price of the tv cabinet just to get it delivered at home. But I knew at some point I need to try and push myself. So I did.

After doing the floor I decided to jump in the car towards the furniture store. Took the husband with me, who did not know where I was going 2. But I knew he really wanted to go at some point, so thought it would be the right time.

And I was pleasantly surprised. First of all I’m not good with new situations, being a new route I don’t know, new places to visit, and so on… those are a big thing on my anxiety list. But the traffic towards it wasn’t that bad in the end, and also there was less people then I thought there would be on a Saturday afternoon. So we bought the tv cabinet, a rug and some small stuff we had needed for a while now.

Next to the furniture store is a sport store. And we have wanted to get a gym mat for a long time, so we could do some exercises lying down on it. So while we were there… popped in and bought us the gym mat, some exercise clothes and a endurance rope or something like that. Not sure what the name was anymore.

Want back home to finish up the tv cabinet downstairs, and put all the furniture back. All took a lot longer then we thought. But it’s such a satisfying feeling, seeing how clean and proper everything looks.

The day after the hubby started doing the tv cabinet for the upstairs man cave, while I started doing our food prep for the week, so that we can’t fall back on naughty foods. 😈

I just noticed I don’t have any pics from after, only from during… I’ll see what I can do later.

Hugzzz, Steven X

It’s oh so quiet… 🤫

How come?

My husband hasn’t been well lately, I’m still sick at the moment but getting over it. There has been snow and freezing temperatures last week, and yeah I know…. nothing compared to other countries! but feeling sick, tired and low temperatures don’t do it for me.

But did stay on the healthy road. And did half of the workout on Thursday. Felt to sick and tired to do all of it, so only did the cardio part. Same for this week, only have been doing the cardio part so far. Don’t think I lost weight these 2 weeks.

But I feel good enough I think to try and do a complete workout again from tonight on. So lets see how that goes.

Hugzzz, Steven X

Faulty scales?

Last update I was really demotivated cause of my weight. Apparently I did not loose any weight – my fat percentage went up and my muscle percentage went down.

So you can imagine I wasn’t happy.

Seems that my scales were having a issue! I weighed myself again that evening, and found out that my results are actually quite good. So I’m happy again, that’s how fast things can go 😉

As you can see, the yellow line is my fat percentage, which has gone down again. Almost similar to what it was beginning of December ’17.

Same counts for my muscle percentage, almost similar to what it was beginning of December ’17.

Weight : 110,7 kg

Started 4 weeks ago at 112,7 kg, and I’ve lost 2 kg so far, without me feeling that I’m a diet.

So let’s keep it up…

Hugzzz, Steven X