Easter 🐣

First of all, wanna wish you all a super Easter! Hope you got the eggs you wanted 😉

Ours was ok. We didn’t do much, we both weren’t feeling up to much anyway. We were gonna go for some tapas on Sunday evening. We watched some tv before going out, still needed to get showered and ready, when the hubby realised they close at 9, we decided to do it another time. Typical…

I actually wanna talk about music instead of Easter chocolates, who we all know I have eaten in less then half a day.

Because I used to be a radio DJ, I think I have some knowledge of music. Actually I’m starting up a new fm radio station locally. Where the music of the 70, 80 and 90 will be the main format. I’m born in 1978 and have been brought up with music all round me. Loved the eighties! Always felt that I was born to late, I could of enjoyed those periods in a completely different way 😉

Although I can imagine being gay in the eighties was a different stroke! But that’s a different story all together.

Music… yes! I need music during the whole day. As soon as I enter work, I turn my radio on. Also, I’m the only one at work who has a radio on his desk… all the others just put there earphones in. How social… although when I’m honest, I do it sometimes when I need to focus on a project.

When it comes to music I love a lot of styles. I can go from cheesy pop tunes to house, techno or even some French or Italian classics.

But I have a weakness for disco and the high energy tunes that were created in the days. Basically the gay theme tunes of the old days 😃 of course we all know Donna Summer! Who I woke up with this morning btw. (the tune that is!)

But what about some other great creations in those days, like Trans X – The Flirts – Moses – S-Express. There are so many more… but we hardly hear them on the radio anymore. Why?

I do ask myself that question a lot of times when I listen to some radio stations. Why play what everyone is already playing?

Hugzzz, Steven X

What tea?

Normally I drink a lot of coffee at work. But think I wanna switch to some tea… Only problem is, at work… only 2 types are available. And they are a bit “meh”. Green tea mint, and Rosehip. 🙁

So, what kind of teas do you guy’s like… let me know! Personally I like a sweet tea, and especially a fruit tea. So, give me some advice guys, what tea do you prefer.

Huugzzz, Steven X


Time for that weight update again.

The last 2 weeks we haven’t been so active when it comes to training. Couple of reasons though… 1. All the equipment is in the garage, no heating – and the last couple of weeks it’s been freezing in there, so only the occasional cross trainer session now and then, but nothing more then that. 2. We had some issues with our septic tank – I know, not the most interesting thing to talk about – let alone the most interesting thing to smell when your working out, cause the septic tank is below the garage. FUN!

So yeah, we did not work out so much the last 2 weeks. But we did still kept eating healthy and such.

So, weight update…

The weight and fat percentage is still going down. So that’s a good thing!

And also muscle mass is still going up.

WEIGHT: 110.3 kg

Not there yet, but I’m getting there. It’s warmer outside again and all the issues with our septic tank are solved, so no excuse for not working out this week. 😉

Thanks for reading!

Hugzzz, Steven X