Back to work?

I know, it’s been a while again… but to be fair, there is a post about our lovely trip 2 Sweden in draft waiting for ya all. But I’m still trying to put all the pics in and such, cause let’s be honest you can never have enough pics! 🙂

So here we are, back from our vacation – back to the routine of life I guess.

The low carb lifestyle is still in effect at the moment. And I’m still loosing weight, so that’s good. Started at 112 kg at the end of June, I’m now down to 105 kg after about 8-9 weeks. So… I should be happy right? And I kind of am… but it’s like my brain does not wanna admit it or such.

I can see on the scales that I am loosing weight, I notice that I had to put a extra hole in my belt so that my pants does not drop down, I feel better bout my self – feel more energy. But still I see the same guy when I look at myself. My husband even tells me that some of my clothing that were pretty snug before are now hanging of me.

But again, I don’t see that… think it will be for some time before I actually will be able admit to myself that it is working. It’s weird, cause as I say I can see the numbers and I know how I feel – but I really struggle with believing in myself. I still think I will be giving up soon, and that things will turn back as how they were before. A brain is such a fucked up thing sometimes. 🙂

Hugzzz, Steven X

Just another weekend.

Those weekends fly by like they are nothing! As soon as they started, they already ended.

We did some more work in the garden this weekend, still not finished. But we have progress, and that’s what counts!

Talking about progress, there is also been progress with the weight / low carb lifestyle.

I lost more weight, so I’m quite happy about that. Not that I can see it myself, but I do feel it. I do feel better, got more energy. – so I’m sticking to what I’m doing now.

But I do need to learn to let myself go now and then. We went for a burger on Friday evening, and yesterday it was bbq at my dads, so had some alcohol and some chips. And I’m still feeling guilty about that. But I do realise that it’s ok… just have issues letting go. I guess it’s cause I’m scared that it will take me off rails, off the wagon… or how you say it again? 😉

It’s the first time in a LONG time that I’m sticking to something when it comes to food and being healthy. And I guess I’m just scared of giving up anytime soon.

But today is Monday, it’s a new week. So here we go again, clean slate and new chances.

Thanks for listening to my rambling!

Hugzzz, Steven X

Almost finished my book!

Trough a friend of mine I got interested in low carb lifestyle. Started looking on the internet and saw some YouTube clips and read some reviews online.

I’ve been following a low carb lifestyle now for almost a month and I’m enjoying every moment of it so far.

One of the things I heard about was this book from a doctor (William Cortvriendt) who wrote a book about low carb, adjusting yourself and your surroundings, about why low carb is good, and so on…

I’m proud of myself for hanging in there this long already. So let’s keep it up mister!

Hugzzz, Steven X