Almost finished my book!

Trough a friend of mine I got interested in low carb lifestyle. Started looking on the internet and saw some YouTube clips and read some reviews online.

I’ve been following a low carb lifestyle now for almost a month and I’m enjoying every moment of it so far.

One of the things I heard about was this book from a doctor (William Cortvriendt) who wrote a book about low carb, adjusting yourself and your surroundings, about why low carb is good, and so on…

I’m proud of myself for hanging in there this long already. So let’s keep it up mister!

Hugzzz, Steven X

Busy weekend

A few weeks ago we started redoing the garden, taking out the grass – some tiles – putting in a water feature, and so on…
This weekend we placed our little pond, and it’s looking lovely even if I say so myself! 🙂 Very proud of what we have done so far.

We just need to finish the details now, that’s gonna be for next weekend. And then it’s time 2 enjoy and relax in our new garden… at last 🙂
Hugzzz, Steven X


Made some “oopsie” bread, as a alternative for normal bread.

Because we are trying to eat less carbs, we went looking for alternatives for bread. We found a couple of recipes that we will be trying in the next weeks.
One of them was for “Oopsie” bread… (what’s in a name 🙂 ) which consists out of egg whites, some salt, cream cheese and baking powder.

We tried it one evening, and it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be.
Please check out this recipe by LowCarbyum.comand if you wanna know what “cream of tartar” is, please check this link.

Another nice recipe, with different options for your “Oopsie” breads, can be found on .