The scales

Got on the scales last night. Was overdue though… the last couple of weeks I haven’t done any exercise, didn’t watch what I was eating/drinking. Basically I just wanted to enjoy my time off without having to stress or worry about the amount of calories I took in.

Obviously I gained weight during those days đŸ™‚

Weight: 112,8 kg

Lost muscle percentage, and gained fat.

Although I was kind of expecting it, it still felt like a punishment. And it kind of is, so I can’t complain about that. I did do it to myself, so…

Listen, it’s the moment to pick yourself up again and say “no, let’s not be sad about it – but let’s pick it up again and go at it with a blank slate”. Luckily I have this fantastic husband who cooks for me. On a plus he’s also vegetarian, so that helps me discover new stuff, alternatives to meat and such.

So last night he did a wonderful pasta bake in the oven, and I loved it.

Some pasta, veg mince, carrots, peas and tomato sauce. Topped with some light mozzarella cheese balls.

Loved it!

Oh and not to forget, had a walk trough the city during my lunch break. Which felt good đŸ˜‰ so… probably gonna do it again this afternoon as the weather permits it.

Have a good day guys.

Steven X

Work is calling…

Its back to work tomorrow. Back to the routine I guess. Although I enjoyed these 10 days where I could enjoy time off. Especially cause 2017 has been such a difficult and stressful year.
I’m really hoping for a different year in 2018.

Today has been a weird day, knowing that it’s back to work in the morning. Back to getting up at 5 o clock, taking the buss and all those people you need to wish a happy new year at the office…
Not something I look forward 2.

I also enjoyed these days, cause when it comes to food – I just let myself during the holidays. Loads of sugary drinks, cookies, candy, crisps, fries, and so on… I really couldn’t care less this time.
At the moment I don’t feel so bad about it YET, let’s wait until I get on my scales :p and see how much weight I gained.
That’s something I really wanna do tomorrow though, so that I really can see those digits.

OK people, i’m off now. Time for bed here…
Thanks anyway for taking the time 2 read this all.

Steve X

A new year has started…

And as usual, it comes with the annual resolutions. Which as so many of us try and sustain for the longest period possible… let’s say 2 weeks max?
Hey , at least we tried… not? Or maybe i’m just talking for my self now. Cause I am so bad with resolutions, actually i’m just bad with trying to continue things I promised myself.
You know, like the yearly “oh, let’s loose some weight” idea, where you get into it with full motivation and then get fed up after 2 weeks and give up cause things don’t go they way you want them to go – or just not fast enough.