Monday, Monday.

Monday, Monday, so good to me Monday morninยด, it was all I hoped it would be.

The song (The mamas and the papas – Monday Monday) above sounds so much better then reality.

I hate going to bed on Sunday, cause your already occupied with Monday, the start of the work week and stuff – which causes me to lay there not being able to get to sleep, looking at the clock every 15 minutes… and slowly time passes by.

So… I rather choose a different approach and stay up longer, so that I will be more tired and sleep faster.

Normally I don’t enjoy Monday’s, never really get excited about them anymore.

Although today was different, cause I have a amazing husband who decided to join me on my bus ride this morning. Not only that, he is so amazing that he goes clothes shopping for me, so that I don’t have to do that anymore. How cool is that!

Hence the reason he joined me this morning. Love him though!

So getting up at 5 o clock to get to work, hurts less knowing your hubby is joining you ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a nice little breakfast and some coffee at the shopping mall, which might sound fancy but it really wasn’t. Just a croissant and a chocolate bun with some coffee. But it was the company who was the most enjoyable. I’m so mushy, I know LOL.

This afternoon, went for a nice walk. Wanted to go out and have a clear mind, and also wanted to try out the Apple Watch. Need to fill those rings darling… now that normally sounds like such a enjoyable exercise, but we’re talking bout different rings this time.

So had a nice 25 min walk trough the different shopping streets and before going back to the office went to the store to get me a club sandwich.

At the moment, I’m on my way home now, on a crowded bus. The joy of public transportation.

And tonight we will have the leftover oven mash from last night. So I’m looking forward to that! Mmmm!!!

And after that I’ll probably be going to bed. I’m really tired and went to bed WAY to late last night.

I wonder, do you guys have the same issues? Do you lay awake on a Sunday night? Thinking bout work or other stuff? Let me know trough twitter, Instagram or the website.

Big hugzzz

Steven X

My big fat weekend.

Thursday evening when we were at pizzahut – yeah I know… I had pizza, but it was damn good ๐Ÿ™‚
And while the hubby and me were eating, I noticed my fitbit was getting old and the straps started to tear.

So seing as it is a sales period I decided to check if there were any smartwatches on sale. So I ended up getting myself a late new years gift, and ordered a Apple watch series 3 ๐Ÿ™‚ which was delivered on Friday at work.

I have been enjoying the watch over the weekend, and need to really get up to speed with it, cause I don’t know half of the stuff it can do yet. (If you have any tips, contact me)

On Friday – as usual – we go out for fries. We always have fries on a Friday, it’s like the reward for getting trough the work week or such. So we went out, cause in Belgium you get fries from a sort of “frieshouse” – it’s like a shop where you can get fries with deep fried meats. Something you really need to try out when you visit Belgium!
But I have been a good boy when ordering my fries. I had a middle pack of fries and 2 pieces of meat. Believe me, there have been weeks where I ordered a lot more then just that – so don’t judge me.

Saturday was a relaxing day. Went to my uncle to set up his new tv that he bought. And afterwards we did some “Pokemon” catching on our way home. Had a nice evening, where we had some cheese and dips as dinner.

This morning we went for our usual Sunday morning walk, where we did some Pokemon catching, and then straight to the bakery for the traditional “Sunday morning pastries”. Yes, they are pastries which are fattening – I know. But I still wanna have my guilty pleasures so to speak. Specially when I have been a good boy during the week.
But as I said before, I wanna take it easy and gently slide into it… (that’s what he said!)

Anyway, in the afternoonย I decided to make a oven dish. I love making them, and it had been a while…

And otherwise I would of spend the day doing nothing at all anyway. So why not do something I like.
Made a oven dish with broccoli and a cheese sauce… I know… Cheese is bad, and it’s full of fat…
I already told you, i’m gonna take it easy and do things in my own time, cause I wanna hang in there this time. So let me have this one, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Anyway, that’s my weekend… how has your weekend been? Did anything cool and nice?
Or did you just sat in the sofa like a bag of potatoes – like we do A LOT of the time ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know trough Instagram, Twitter or react on the website.
Hava a good one!

Steven X

The scales

Got on the scales last night. Was overdue though… the last couple of weeks I haven’t done any exercise, didn’t watch what I was eating/drinking. Basically I just wanted to enjoy my time off without having to stress or worry about the amount of calories I took in.

Obviously I gained weight during those days ๐Ÿ™‚

Weight: 112,8 kg

Lost muscle percentage, and gained fat.

Although I was kind of expecting it, it still felt like a punishment. And it kind of is, so I can’t complain about that. I did do it to myself, so…

Listen, it’s the moment to pick yourself up again and say “no, let’s not be sad about it – but let’s pick it up again and go at it with a blank slate”. Luckily I have this fantastic husband who cooks for me. On a plus he’s also vegetarian, so that helps me discover new stuff, alternatives to meat and such.

So last night he did a wonderful pasta bake in the oven, and I loved it.

Some pasta, veg mince, carrots, peas and tomato sauce. Topped with some light mozzarella cheese balls.

Loved it!

Oh and not to forget, had a walk trough the city during my lunch break. Which felt good ๐Ÿ˜‰ so… probably gonna do it again this afternoon as the weather permits it.

Have a good day guys.

Steven X