The house is SOLD!

First week of February is almost over, and it has been ok so far.
We had our first training together, and been watching what we were eating.
And also, no alcohol during the week.. i’m so surprised by that to be honest 🙂
Not that we are flaming alcoholics, but still.. we do love a nice drink after work, or before dinner now and then.

We also went to the lightfestival this week. It was a really nice walk, and did us good. Only sad thing about it, it started raining after 30 minutes so by the end of the evening we were soaking, and decided to go back home.

Tonight we are having fries, cause it’s friday. And i’m sure that we will have some alcohol tomorrow evening when watching some tv. Especially cause we will probably need it after tomorrow. We agreed to help my mom find a new car, so i’m going with her to the garage to look at cars. And we also need to move our old sofa, and bring in our new sofa. So… i’m sure we will need alcohol after all of that! 🙂

Oh and I almost forgot! Good news: the house is SOLD! Thank GOD for that!
Just a few more details, and signing of papers, and it’s all done. Then my mother can move on, and I don’t have to deal with the stress of it anymore.
So all by all.. it’s been a good first week 🙂

Sending you all hugzzz,
Steven X

Almost D-day…

Yep, almost 1st of February. And as I said in previous posts, it’s time to start getting back on track.

So after a lovely weekend, hanging out with the hubby, doing our tasks and shopping, we decided to visit a museum. (Yes we do have some culture) It’s all about how machines and industry have changed during the years. Was nice to see, we both enjoyed it.

We also talked about our health and how to try and hang in there. Trying to motivate each other will be a big one, we both need motivation now and then. So we shall try and do our training together from now on, let’s see how that goes 😉.

We decided to start with smaller portions when it comes to food, and maybe try to eat some more fruit in between.

I already made a big pot of spaghetti sauce last night, and split it over 5 smaller pots so it can go in the freezer. That way it doesn’t cost us that much time to cook, and more time for training. #noexcuse

So let’s see how things go. Let’s take it easy, bit by bit and step by step.

Thanks for reading!

Hugzzz, Steven X

Another week gone

Had a rough week. Things didn’t always played out the way I wanted.
But that’s life I guess.

I’m so happy that the house is almost sold! That would mean some rest in my head, at last…
Things with my uncle are getting better, so that’s less stress. And then the only thing on my mind should be me, myself and I. Promised myself to look at some things in a different perspective, and hopefully that will also easy my mind a bit.

So let’s see how things go.

This weekend I wanna try and have a nice walk with the hubby, maybe a nice meal somewhere… Other then that, just wanna enjoy my weekend. Some gaming will be on the agenda for sure. 🙂

So how are you all doing, what are your plans for the weekend?

Sending you all big hugzzz,
Steven X