Monday again?

And a good morning to all of ya! It’s Monday again, the weekend has passed. It’s time to get back on track and get some work done… ✅

That’s how I should sound I guess. But at the moment I can’t be arsed. I did not sleep so well and now I feel tired. But work doesn’t wait does it. Oh well, I’ll survive. I’ll just have to get a early night in.

Was a good week and a good weekend.

Did our workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, and went for a walk at the beach on Saturday. Started using kettlebells instead of the dumbbells 💪 and I must say, I have the idea that they do more for me then the dumbbells. At least I feel it more in my body, specially the day after the workout.

We are still on track with the food, cooked 4 meals last night and frozen them. Other then that I’ll be joining the hubby this week eating some veggie meals.

Next Monday is a weight update again, and I’m actually kind of looking forward to it – just cause I’m curious to see how I’m doing.

Hope you All have a good week!

Hugzzz, Steven X

I feel proud!

Can I just say… I felt so proud last Friday!

Normally we always do – what we call “fat Friday”, where we go to McDonald’s, order pizza or some other type of fa(s)tfood. But really didn’t wanna give in so easily already. Also because for the hubby and me we use Friday evenings to go and get fries. Once a week, always on Friday.

So… did not wanna eat McDonald’s. my plan was to walk towards the sandwich bar in the town centre and buy me something there and walk back and eat. But for some reason, my colleagues were ok with not having McDonalds?! It doesn’t happen that often though!

So I went for a nice salad instead. Agreed, it was Brie cheese. But still better then fries with sauce, a cola and burger. 😉

Just wanted to mention how proud I was at myself for having a salad 🥗!

Hugzzz, Steven X

Weight update

I try to weigh myself every 2 weeks, so that I don’t get to demotivated. I’m still scared of getting on that scale and not seeing any difference.

I also know that my weight won’t miraculously drop. I do understand that I need to do something to make the weight go down. I’m just scared that I won’t hang in there. It’s not the first time I’m doing this… I have been trying to loose weight since 1998 – when after a car accident I gained a lot of weight.

And trough the years I have lost some of that weight already. So I’m happy bout that. But just wanna loose the rest of it now. I’m turning 40 this year and things are not gonna get easier the older I get. I realise that. More reason to really do it this time!

I am lucky that I don’t have to do this on my own, I got a wonderful husband who is joining me, and who motivates me when necessary. But knowing me, I always give up on stuff when it starts to become a drag. That’s when the hubby is there to give me a kick in the butt. 😁

So, the weight…

Weight : 111.8 kg

Lost some weight and fat percentage, and gained some muscle.

I guess that’s a good thing. So let’s keep going at it!

Hugzzz, Steven X