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What’s age?

A few weeks ago I was stressing out cause I was getting older, and when I reflected on my past life I was regretting things I did and things I didn’t do.

In the meanwhile I have turned 40 👸🏼!

At the moment I don’t feel regret or such anymore. I do feel like it’s now or never that I need to take decisions in my life. Looking forward to the future, what do I want – what do I need? And then try and focus on that.

Hugzzz Steven x

Turning 40 is scary!

Just less then a month and I’m turning 40. It’s been in my head since a while, and it’s making me freak out.

I don’t feel like I’m we’re I wanted to be in life when turning 40. I didn’t do the stuff I thought I was gonna do in life…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who had this issue when turning 40. Any tips?

Hugzzz, Steve X


I’m so sorry, but yes… I am one of those gays who loves the Eurovision. Now I understand if you ban me, never talk to me again, or if you will send me loads of nudes to harass me! But yes, I am a Eurovision lover 😂

I try and watch it every year! Even the semi-finals during the week get me excited. Especially tonight, cause it’s Belgium’s time to shine. Not sure how we will do this year, and if we will get trough to the finals on Saturday – but we have a really nice James Bond style song and a good singer called Sennek who will do her best to make Belgium proud.

Watch the YouTube video here!

So, who else is out there watching the Eurovision tonight? What do you think about it all? Are you a fan or not?

Hugzzz, Steven X