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Just me…

40 Years “young” and happily married, living with the hubby in Belgium.

Happily married yes, but not happy in life. Having LOADS of issues that I have seemed to have gathered during my 40 years on this earth.


  • anxiety
  • low self esteem
  • weight-problems

A year ago I decided to start a blog to put down my progress, troubles, hesitations, food pics, aggravations, and so on…

But because the website got hacked I needed to start all over again with a new website. A blank canvas so to speak.

And here we are then – ready to start the fight again. Loosing weight has always been a “thing” for me. I’ve lost so much self esteem, confidence because of it. And there is no one to blame besides myself for this. I’m in the one who put it al down my throat. I’m the one who made the decisions to raid the fridge, to buy extra candy, to eat 2-3-4-5 portion sizes.

And yes there were moments that made me grab for food as a comfort. Many moments if I’m honest. But I can’t blame others for making me eat a whole pie. Maybe they were responsible for making me feel bad, or making me feel like shit and so on… but at the end of the day I could of decided to handle the pain differently.

I was at my heaviest when I weighed 136 kg (299 lb). Really feeling emotionally exhausted and drained from myself. Didn’t like who I was at all, or who I became.

Things needed to change.

So I started to be more active, eat healthier, and drink more water and less alcohol or fizzy drinks. And some days are easy, some days are just horror… and some days I just can’t give a flying fuck!

Here we are, honest and open… so you know what to expect I hope.

This blog will be a journey through the weight loss and fighting my anxiety. I will be as open and honest as I can be – and I hope you’ll do the same towards me.


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