What a week.

Glad that this week is almost over though.
Let the weekend begin!

Last half of the week wasn’t a lot better then the first part. But i’m already happy that today is Friday. This weekend I need to do some ironing, and we need to go shopping for groceries. Other then that I have no tasks at all. So i’m gonna try and enjoy myself by catching up on some series, and maybe a movie who knows. Also wanna do some gaming before the weekend is over.

Was thinking of a nice walk on Sunday perhaps, but apparently the weather will not be so nice during the weekend, so don’t think i’ll be going out for a walk.
Hope you guy’s will have a good weekend!
Do enjoy!

Steven X

What a day

I feel tired but kind of satisfied at the same time.

So let me explain for a moment, I’m a ICT coΓΆrdinator in real life, and I’m responsible for anything to do with ICT – going from smartphones, laptops, tablets, cloud storage, network issues, office phones… and so on. I work with about 50 colleagues spread over 4 offices, and I’m the only one in ICT. Basically I’m my own team πŸ™‚

For 2018 we wanna continue investing towards the cloud by transferring our document server into the cloud.

So we had our first Teaminfo of the year today where I had to do a presentation/workshop and explain to my colleagues what is happening in 2018 when it comes to ICT. Wasn’t sure if everyone was going to understand it or how people would react towards the presentation and our plans.

But to be honest things weren’t so bad at all. So that’s a good thing! It was stressful cause I ALWAYS doubt myself, but in the end people seemed to understand what I was talking about and what the plans will be for the future.

So I can stop stress eating now!

Although to be honest. I barely had lunch, cause this time they decided on getting pizza for 50 people. I love pizza! But didn’t feel hungry cause of the stress, and maybe it’s for the better – I had 3 slices, normally I have a whole pizza :p

Tonight I’ll be having my rice and chicken. Already looking forward to it. Won’t go on my cross trainer though – will be to late to eat otherwise. Oh btw, haven’t said so… but went on the cross trainer yesterday, first time in over almost 6 weeks. So… I was happy!

Also had my weigh in.

Weight: 112.2 kg

It’s a start again. It’s less weight, and also my muscle tissue went up and my fat went down. Yeah we have one of those expensive scales that measures your fat an such… πŸ™‚

As you can see, a huge increase of body fat (yellow line) during the period I wasn’t doing any walking or cross trainer sessions.

I’ll get there. I’m sure of it πŸ™‚

Thanks again for reading this. Don’t hesitate to comment!

Big hugzzz,

Steven x

A walk at the coast, into town – and a lovely lunch with the hubby.

The weekend is over, and it’s time to get into the work routine again. So I shouldn’t get to bed to late tonight.

Saturday we had a gathering of the family at my moms, to celebrate new year. It was good, was very good to see the family again. Cause normally you only see them at weddings or funerals. πŸ™

But things were good and we all loved it. And today we went to the coast and had a nice walk and some lunch. Was lovely though. Good to be out of the house in the open air.

Had a nice lunch and then walked back to the car. Not without catching some Pokemons though πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I’m gonna try and get back to my cross trainer. I’m kind of missing it, cause I know how important it is for me. Also, tomorrow is time for my weigh in. It’s been 2 weeks now, time to get the numbers in again.

Oh and thank you all for the nice comments I’ve had so far. It helps me a lot!

Big hugzzz, Steven X


Wohoo, the work week has ended, and the weekend can begin… and before we know it – it’s gonna be Sunday evening, trying to get to bed cause the alarm will go of early on a Monday morning, and i’ll be cursing my way out of bed towards work!
Oh the joy of it all πŸ™‚

And like every Friday, we had fries tonight. And i’m taking baby steps here… instead of a medium package of fries I went for a small package of fries tonight. Like I said, baby steps… little by little.

Oh and I also wanted to share my pitta breads with you all. The ones I had last night.Β Some chicken, some shoarma sauce, tomatoes and a nice bun… don’t we all want some of that!

So, I’ll wish you all a super weekend and make the most out of it!
Sending you all HUGZZZ!

Steven X



Some fresh air did me good!

And another work week is almost over. Can’t wait for the weekend to start!

This week has been stressful and mentally exhausting. Combination of my mother trying to sell her house, and me being the contact person for whoever is interested – and work, where I’m trying to prepare for a workshop that I’m giving on Tuesday but I keep being disturbed by colleagues who are having IT issues.

So this afternoon I went for a nice long walk, needed to clear my head. Did me good though.

Felt better when I got back to work.

Put my headphones on, disconnected my office phone and put my mobile on silent. And you know what, I actually got some work done this afternoon πŸ™‚ so I’m a happy bunny now. Felt like I actually did something today!

Food-wise I’m doing ok I think. Had a nice bagel with tomatoes, salad, onions and chicken. Oh and I couldn’t resist having a Capri-Sun with it. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I had some nice chicken Tandoori, and tonight I’m having the leftovers with some pitta breads, mmmm.

And I also have some fruit yoghurts for later that need to be eaten.

If all goes good, I wanna get back on my cross trainer next week. So let’s see how things go…

Big hugzzz

Steven X