Weekend out

Had a lovely weekend with the hubby.

We went to France to meet up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, and they have never met Nathan yet either – so it was kind of “weird” at the start but a good “weird”.

We met in Lille and went for a walk trough town, checking out the stores and such. It was really nice, but it was raining and felt cold, which was a shame.

When we came home we we’re both exhausted. Not that we walked so much, just the weather and the travelling took a lot of energy.

We went for the easy solution and got some takeaway, we crashed in the sofa and didn’t come out anymore till it was time for bed.

Sunday was a relaxing day. No rush, no tasks, just enjoying the last day of the weekend. Did some gaming together and watched a movie.

Ps: picture was not taken by me… completely forgot to take pictures that day.

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