Stopped working full time.

Since a few weeks I don’t work full time anymore. I made that decision for myself cause I could feel the rope round my neck getting tighter. I couldn’t cope anymore, had no energy and I wasn’t in a good mood.

Things have been hectic since October when my mom became single cause the prick she was seeing for more then 20 years – apparently was having an affair for 2 years already. Never liked the guy, couldn’t stand him – he was also the reason I ran away from home at 19.

Taking care of my mom upon the normal stuff I already had to deal with was becoming to much for me. So therefore the decision to take it slow and stop working full time.

Which means I have Monday’s all for myself. And I love them! I don’t need to feel guilty if I feel like staying in my boxers and watch soap series all day long.

This is my medication, and I made this choice.

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