Weight update

In my previous post I talked about having a weigh in. Think it’s time to be open about it, and post it here – what’s the point otherwise. If I’m not gonna be honest then this doesn’t make sense…

I have come a long way already. But still some work to do before I reach my goal. The goal being 99kg, getting rid of those three digits… it’s been a harsh road so far.

I know some of you think “omg those 6 kg, if I need to I can loose 1O in a week, I’ll just breathe air and drink some moist”.

I hear ya out there. But not everyone is so lucky when it comes to loosing weight. And besides I wanna get rid of it this time, don’t want to put it back on after 4 weeks. As I said, it’s been a long way so far. And I’ll get there at some point on my own tempo.

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