Maand: februari 2019

Stopped working full time.

Stopped working full time.

Since a few weeks I don’t work full time anymore. I made that decision for myself cause I could feel the rope round my neck getting tighter. I couldn’t cope anymore, had no energy and I wasn’t in a good mood.

Things have been hectic since October when my mom became single cause the prick she was seeing for more then 20 years – apparently was having an affair for 2 years already. Never liked the guy, couldn’t stand him – he was also the reason I ran away from home at 19.

Taking care of my mom upon the normal stuff I already had to deal with was becoming to much for me. So therefore the decision to take it slow and stop working full time.

Which means I have Monday’s all for myself. And I love them! I don’t need to feel guilty if I feel like staying in my boxers and watch soap series all day long.

This is my medication, and I made this choice.

Fab weekend in Holland!

Fab weekend in Holland!

For the Valentine weekend we rented out a vacation cottage on the coast in Holland. It came at the perfect time, we both needed some time for ourselves, and so we did take that time to enjoy the surroundings, the beach and just generally being together and enjoying each others company.

We went for a long walk, some lunch on the beach, a game of mini golf, pizza delivery @ the vacation park and loads of cuddling up together.



Although I lost a very dear beloved person on this day 2 years ago, I still try to celebrate the day of love. Not that we go overboard and that we don’t celebrate our love any other day of the year.

And yes – it’s a commercial thing, business, super markets, stores, all the big brands – they all have joined in by advertising Valentines as THE day of showing your love for a significant other. And honestly, I do but my husband a gift on that day… although I know it’s a day like any other day.

But we don’t have to be holier than the pope do we? I’m sure lots of you out there buy your loved ones a gift on Valentines. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t do anything for them the other 355 days of the year!

This morning I came out of the shower and there was a gift bag on the kitchen counter, which I totally ignored the first time I walked by. Once I noticed it and I saw the smile on the hubby his face, I knew it was for me. Some lovely chocolates and a fresh bottle of fragrance of the same type I have been wearing for a while now, but it’s as good as finished now.

It’s these little things that make us feel good, no? Makes me feel good, I know that much.

So… what did you get?

What’s your view on Valentine?

Weight update

Weight update

In my previous post I talked about having a weigh in. Think it’s time to be open about it, and post it here – what’s the point otherwise. If I’m not gonna be honest then this doesn’t make sense…

I have come a long way already. But still some work to do before I reach my goal. The goal being 99kg, getting rid of those three digits… it’s been a harsh road so far.

I know some of you think “omg those 6 kg, if I need to I can loose 1O in a week, I’ll just breathe air and drink some moist”.

I hear ya out there. But not everyone is so lucky when it comes to loosing weight. And besides I wanna get rid of it this time, don’t want to put it back on after 4 weeks. As I said, it’s been a long way so far. And I’ll get there at some point on my own tempo.

First post on here…

First post on here…

What can I say.

It’s 6.15 in the morning and I’m on my way to work. There are better ways to spend a Monday morning. In bed wrapped up in the duvet is one of them!

But here we go again…

Weight myself last night and surprisingly I did not gain as much as I thought I would of. Since November I haven’t been as active as I should be. I barely stepped on the crosstainer, and when it comes to food I can’t say that I was healthy all the time.

So… all by all not to bad.

But now it’s time to get back to it though. If I want that six pack – swimming trousers – packed body then I need to work for it LOL. So back to being healthy, back to being more active, back to portion control…

Had a very nice meal last night, some wok veg, chicken and rice. I actually made enough so I could have the leftovers the day after.

Come on… tell me it looks delicious. Cause I can tell you that it was 😉