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Week #1

Week #1

We are back.
Needed time to get some things in perspective, and found out what I want in life and how to get there.

Since this week we have started with portion control, no sweets, no chocolate, no crisps, no alcohol…

Honestly, some days were more difficult than others. The biggest problem for me was in the evening sitting on the sofa watching tv and no nuts, crisps, chocolate were allowed.

We are such habit creatures, and it’s difficult to get into a new way of life. But we will get there. πŸ™‚

Hugzzz, Steven x

Taking it slow

Taking it slow

I can’t really complain this week.

Have been on my cross trainer twice this week, only for about 30 min every time. But better that then nothing.

Also did some portion control this week, and tried to eat less and only one plate. And for lunch at work I went for small things like a yoghurt which is basically what I also have the morning for breakfast.

I don’t feel hungry after I’ve eaten, but I do seem to still grab for sugar once I’m in front of the tv…

So yeah, I can’t say I’ve done bad.

First post on here…

First post on here…

What can I say.

It’s 6.15 in the morning and I’m on my way to work. There are better ways to spend a Monday morning. In bed wrapped up in the duvet is one of them!

But here we go again…

Weight myself last night and surprisingly I did not gain as much as I thought I would of. Since November I haven’t been as active as I should be. I barely stepped on the crosstainer, and when it comes to food I can’t say that I was healthy all the time.

So… all by all not to bad.

But now it’s time to get back to it though. If I want that six pack – swimming trousers – packed body then I need to work for it LOL. So back to being healthy, back to being more active, back to portion control…

Had a very nice meal last night, some wok veg, chicken and rice. I actually made enough so I could have the leftovers the day after.

Come on… tell me it looks delicious. Cause I can tell you that it was πŸ˜‰