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I need a reboot!

I need a reboot!

Guess what… I gained weight.

Not a surprise if I see what I have been eating the last few weeks. Really haven’t been eating as healthy as I should, and the snacking monster took over!

I really need to have a reboot and kick my own ass into gear. Stop the excuses, stop the self pitying and get going!

So… I’m doing this.


Fab weekend in Holland!

Fab weekend in Holland!

For the Valentine weekend we rented out a vacation cottage on the coast in Holland. It came at the perfect time, we both needed some time for ourselves, and so we did take that time to enjoy the surroundings, the beach and just generally being together and enjoying each others company.

We went for a long walk, some lunch on the beach, a game of mini golf, pizza delivery @ the vacation park and loads of cuddling up together.



Although I lost a very dear beloved person on this day 2 years ago, I still try to celebrate the day of love. Not that we go overboard and that we don’t celebrate our love any other day of the year.

And yes – it’s a commercial thing, business, super markets, stores, all the big brands – they all have joined in by advertising Valentines as THE day of showing your love for a significant other. And honestly, I do but my husband a gift on that day… although I know it’s a day like any other day.

But we don’t have to be holier than the pope do we? I’m sure lots of you out there buy your loved ones a gift on Valentines. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t do anything for them the other 355 days of the year!

This morning I came out of the shower and there was a gift bag on the kitchen counter, which I totally ignored the first time I walked by. Once I noticed it and I saw the smile on the hubby his face, I knew it was for me. Some lovely chocolates and a fresh bottle of fragrance of the same type I have been wearing for a while now, but it’s as good as finished now.

It’s these little things that make us feel good, no? Makes me feel good, I know that much.

So… what did you get?

What’s your view on Valentine?