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I know, it’s been a while again… but to be fair, there is a post about our lovely trip 2 Sweden in draft waiting for ya all. But I’m still trying to put all the pics in and such, cause let’s be honest you can never have enough pics! 🙂

So here we are, back from our vacation – back to the routine of life I guess.

The low carb lifestyle is still in effect at the moment. And I’m still loosing weight, so that’s good. Started at 112 kg at the end of June, I’m now down to 105 kg after about 8-9 weeks. So… I should be happy right? And I kind of am… but it’s like my brain does not wanna admit it or such.

I can see on the scales that I am loosing weight, I notice that I had to put a extra hole in my belt so that my pants does not drop down, I feel better bout my self – feel more energy. But still I see the same guy when I look at myself. My husband even tells me that some of my clothing that were pretty snug before are now hanging of me.

But again, I don’t see that… think it will be for some time before I actually will be able admit to myself that it is working. It’s weird, cause as I say I can see the numbers and I know how I feel – but I really struggle with believing in myself. I still think I will be giving up soon, and that things will turn back as how they were before. A brain is such a fucked up thing sometimes. 🙂

Hugzzz, Steven X

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