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Every 6 months we have our own Belgian Comic-Con. It’s full of fans of comics, action heroes, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, videogames – and so on… Loads of people are all dressed up as their favorite character and running around like they couldn’t care less what you think of them.

It was so good to see that. These people just doing their thing. They are proud of what they do and who they are. They are surrounded by like minded people and feel proud.

For me it’s my second time I’m going. Went the first time 6 months ago, not knowing what to expect. Anxiety kicking in full throttle – feeling very tense and stressed for the first 3-4 hours. It was only in the afternoon that I started to loosen up more.

Seeing that there was no reason for me to feel like that – made me start to enjoy the whole thing. This weekend it was my second Comic-Con, and it felt better. I was stressed, and anxiety kicked in again – but I could calm myself down rather fast. Enjoyed it a lot more then the first time though. Probably cause I was more relaxed.

Had a good walk trough all the stalls, went to a Q&A with Gillian Anderson, saw LOADS of cute hot nerdy men! My day was super 👍🏻 !

Have to say thanks to the hubby though. He is the one who has the deal with it all. He’s also the one who makes me feel better and who bears with me trough these periods. So thanks babe 😘

Hugzzz, Steven X

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