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Normally I drink a lot of coffee at work. But think I wanna switch to some tea… Only problem is, at work… only 2 types are available. And they are a bit “meh”. Green tea mint, and Rosehip. 🙁

So, what kind of teas do you guy’s like… let me know! Personally I like a sweet tea, and especially a fruit tea. So, give me some advice guys, what tea do you prefer.

Huugzzz, Steven X

2 Comments on What tea?

  1. (Bah tea 🙂 Too much coffee indeed but switching to tea is no option.
    But maybe you can try these: (nespresso capsules, but they should exist in teabags?) Lipton (black tea) forest fruit. That’s the one I sometimes consider drinking instead of a coffee.

    • I know there is also caffeine involved in tea, but at least there are some different flavours available 😁 at work we only have a simple machine, just coffee: black, milk or sugar…
      I never heard of the Nespresso ones in teabags. I’ll have a look for them.
      I did buy some nice fruity flavoured tea I wanted to take with me to work – but of course I have been forgetting them at home the last couple of days. I have had the forest fruits at home and loved it, anything sweet and fruity is good for me. But thanks for the tips! 😉

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