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Another week has started again.

Had a lovely weekend with the hubby. It started on Friday already when I took the day off to go with the husband to the hospital to hear what his results were.

We had some other stuff to do in town in the morning, so we thought we would try and enjoy it as much as possible, and we went for something to eat and afterwards a drink in a new coffee/Thea/chocolate bar.

Yes I know… hello calories!

We had a nice Thea afterwards and had a lovely chat about life and all that. After that we started heading back to the car park, but not before we had a look in one of the electronic stores and getting me some new clothes – needed pants badly!

We ended up rushing towards the car park cause time was ticking by and we were gonna be late for the hubbies appointment at the hospital.

As I have said in previous posts – he has been having pains between his ribs on one side of his body. Not knowing where it has been coming from and what to do with it – we went to the doctors in December when it was really getting bad. 2 Weeks of massage therapy helped a couple of weeks – but the pains came back worse. So about 3 weeks ago he made appointment with a specialist at the hospital. They made a scan of his bones and we needed to go and get the results.

Conclusion, they can’t see anything on the bones which is good news. But a different scan needs to be done now to see if it has something to do with his nerve system. The good thing is that he has gotten medication now to handle the pain – which is such a relief. I don’t like to see my husband in pain.

Saturday we took it really easy, and enjoyed the weekend. My mother came over for one of her 5 minute visits. After that we gamed some and went to the store for our groceries. When we came back we gamed some more and then got some food.

Sunday we decided to go out for breakfast. The new coffee/Thea/chocolate bar also does breakfasts, and hooray they are open on Sunday mornings! So Sunday morning we went into town for a lovely breakfast! It was really nicely done, and also it was nice to be able to go out the door and have breakfast somewhere. We WILL be doing it again!

So all by all we had a super lovely weekend!

Hugzzz, Steven X

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