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Last update I was really demotivated cause of my weight. Apparently I did not loose any weight – my fat percentage went up and my muscle percentage went down.

So you can imagine I wasn’t happy.

Seems that my scales were having a issue! I weighed myself again that evening, and found out that my results are actually quite good. So I’m happy again, that’s how fast things can go 😉

As you can see, the yellow line is my fat percentage, which has gone down again. Almost similar to what it was beginning of December ’17.

Same counts for my muscle percentage, almost similar to what it was beginning of December ’17.

Weight : 110,7 kg

Started 4 weeks ago at 112,7 kg, and I’ve lost 2 kg so far, without me feeling that I’m a diet.

So let’s keep it up…

Hugzzz, Steven X

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