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Not every day is a fun day. Sometimes we receive less positive news, going from Global warming to shootings in a school in the USA. And sometimes we receive news, that we don’t wanna hear… we found out that last week a ex colleague who retired 4 years ago, had passed away. She had become ill just after her retirement, and was diagnosed with cancer. They stopped all treatments in December, apparently nothing could be done anymore.

She was one of the colleagues who I worked with closely the first 4 years of my current job. She was a lovely, loving lady, short en small, but she had this huge charisma over her. One of those woman where you know from the start that you’ll get along just fine.

Together with a small group of colleagues we went to her funeral this week. It was emotional but at the same time a clear sign that we don’t have time to waste and to enjoy life to the fullest. Cause before we know it… things could take a turn for the worse.

Last year my foster mom died of breast cancer, my foster dad had a tumour removed from his stomach. I’m sure we all know several people around us who have or had a serious disease. We all get confronted with it these days, if we want it or not. It’s maybe why we should enjoy life more, and step out of our comfort zones now and then.

Hugzzz, Steven X

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