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And a good morning to all of ya! It’s Monday again, the weekend has passed. It’s time to get back on track and get some work done… ✅

That’s how I should sound I guess. But at the moment I can’t be arsed. I did not sleep so well and now I feel tired. But work doesn’t wait does it. Oh well, I’ll survive. I’ll just have to get a early night in.

Was a good week and a good weekend.

Did our workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, and went for a walk at the beach on Saturday. Started using kettlebells instead of the dumbbells 💪 and I must say, I have the idea that they do more for me then the dumbbells. At least I feel it more in my body, specially the day after the workout.

We are still on track with the food, cooked 4 meals last night and frozen them. Other then that I’ll be joining the hubby this week eating some veggie meals.

Next Monday is a weight update again, and I’m actually kind of looking forward to it – just cause I’m curious to see how I’m doing.

Hope you All have a good week!

Hugzzz, Steven X

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