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Can I just say… I felt so proud last Friday!

Normally we always do – what we call “fat Friday”, where we go to McDonald’s, order pizza or some other type of fa(s)tfood. But really didn’t wanna give in so easily already. Also because for the hubby and me we use Friday evenings to go and get fries. Once a week, always on Friday.

So… did not wanna eat McDonald’s. my plan was to walk towards the sandwich bar in the town centre and buy me something there and walk back and eat. But for some reason, my colleagues were ok with not having McDonalds?! It doesn’t happen that often though!

So I went for a nice salad instead. Agreed, it was Brie cheese. But still better then fries with sauce, a cola and burger. 😉

Just wanted to mention how proud I was at myself for having a salad 🥗!

Hugzzz, Steven X

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