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Time for another update.
Had a lovely weekend again. Went for a nice walk on Saturday, it was dry but the wind was making it cold. Went for a walk in Holland, in a little touristic town, where we have been many times. But it was the first time we actually took a walking route on the old town walls. When we came back, we headed into town and had a lovely warm drink with some “poffertjes” which are basically just tiny little fluffy pancakes 🙂

On Sunday I surprised the hubby with a breakfast basket, that they deliver at home. So we stayed indoors all day, and it was lovely 🙂
I also started cooking our meals for the week. So that we can freeze them in, and it will take less time to prepare food. Also I hope it will mean less temptations to go for fast and not so healthy options.

Talking about health, we have been doing our training together and so far we have not skipped any. We even bought some more material to add to our exercises. We already had a crosstrainer and dumbbells, now we added some kettlebells. We are trying them out tonight for the first time.

That was about it for now.

I’ll post a update later on my weight progress.

Hugzzz, Steven X

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