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What a lovely weekend! It was a very busy one, but so rewarding.

Saturday we met up with my mom at the old house to pick up a leather 2 seater she didn’t want anymore. We already took the 3 seater piece for the living room last year.

We have a little man cave (bearcave) upstairs and wanted a sofa to put in it, so this was the ideal thing to do. Because it’s on of those sofas where it has a recliner part, it comes in different pieces – so it was easy for us to take it apart and move it in the car. After moving it to our house we placed everything in the garage. My mom needed to do some stuff in the nearby city, so we decided to join her to the city and have something to eat.

Now that her house is gonna be sold, and the whole separation thing (the cunt was cheating on her for 2 years with a younger woman) is almost over – she had been talking about getting a car lately. At the moment she doesn’t have a car of her own anymore – only if necessary she still uses the car they bought when they were together. So after lunch we took her to the garage so she could have a idea what the costs are, and what you can get for your money.

She fell in love right away 🙂 with this cute car. She looked so happy. I did tell her not to buy the first car she saw… but she did. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she should look at other cars and brands also. But hey, as I said, she looked so happy. So… my mother bought a new car. Happy for her!

For her it’s a new bookmark in life. Single at 66, and a new car to be independent again.

So… after all that we went back to our house to fill up the car with the old sofa – and take it to the dumpster. We went for some groceries afterwards and then straight home. We were both happy and tired. The garage was kind of empty again cause the old sofa was talking up a lot of space – and we had a new sofa that would fit the upstairs room aka bearcave.

Of course we still needed to get the sofa together, and move it upstairs. So after we gave the sofa a good wash we took the different parts upstairs and put it all together. It looked fine! Happy that another part of the house is getting finished.

Sunday morning we got up, had a nice breakfast and coffee and sat in the new sofa upstairs. The rest of the room still clattered with moving boxes, books, dvd, cd, vinyls – stuffed animals and so on… so we decided to start cleaning the room and make space so that we could actually use the room. The cleaning went a lot better then we both thought. Before we knew it the room was cleared and the moving boxes were empty.

After that we went into the garage and cleaned up all the cardboard and other stuff that we put aside when we didn’t have the room when the old sofa was in there. After about a hour we actually had room to move around again and it all looked good.

It was such a good feeling. It felt like a conquered battle – something we wanted to do for a long time but never got to it. My mind was in a happy state 🙂 .

So… that’s our busy but rewarding weekend. Next weekend will be a quiet one, I can tell you that already! 😉

Hugzzz, Steven X

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