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I feel tired but kind of satisfied at the same time.

So let me explain for a moment, I’m a ICT coördinator in real life, and I’m responsible for anything to do with ICT – going from smartphones, laptops, tablets, cloud storage, network issues, office phones… and so on. I work with about 50 colleagues spread over 4 offices, and I’m the only one in ICT. Basically I’m my own team 🙂

For 2018 we wanna continue investing towards the cloud by transferring our document server into the cloud.

So we had our first Teaminfo of the year today where I had to do a presentation/workshop and explain to my colleagues what is happening in 2018 when it comes to ICT. Wasn’t sure if everyone was going to understand it or how people would react towards the presentation and our plans.

But to be honest things weren’t so bad at all. So that’s a good thing! It was stressful cause I ALWAYS doubt myself, but in the end people seemed to understand what I was talking about and what the plans will be for the future.

So I can stop stress eating now!

Although to be honest. I barely had lunch, cause this time they decided on getting pizza for 50 people. I love pizza! But didn’t feel hungry cause of the stress, and maybe it’s for the better – I had 3 slices, normally I have a whole pizza :p

Tonight I’ll be having my rice and chicken. Already looking forward to it. Won’t go on my cross trainer though – will be to late to eat otherwise. Oh btw, haven’t said so… but went on the cross trainer yesterday, first time in over almost 6 weeks. So… I was happy!

Also had my weigh in.

Weight: 112.2 kg

It’s a start again. It’s less weight, and also my muscle tissue went up and my fat went down. Yeah we have one of those expensive scales that measures your fat an such… 🙂

As you can see, a huge increase of body fat (yellow line) during the period I wasn’t doing any walking or cross trainer sessions.

I’ll get there. I’m sure of it 🙂

Thanks again for reading this. Don’t hesitate to comment!

Big hugzzz,

Steven x

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