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And another work week is almost over. Can’t wait for the weekend to start!

This week has been stressful and mentally exhausting. Combination of my mother trying to sell her house, and me being the contact person for whoever is interested – and work, where I’m trying to prepare for a workshop that I’m giving on Tuesday but I keep being disturbed by colleagues who are having IT issues.

So this afternoon I went for a nice long walk, needed to clear my head. Did me good though.

Felt better when I got back to work.

Put my headphones on, disconnected my office phone and put my mobile on silent. And you know what, I actually got some work done this afternoon 🙂 so I’m a happy bunny now. Felt like I actually did something today!

Food-wise I’m doing ok I think. Had a nice bagel with tomatoes, salad, onions and chicken. Oh and I couldn’t resist having a Capri-Sun with it. 🙂

Yesterday I had some nice chicken Tandoori, and tonight I’m having the leftovers with some pitta breads, mmmm.

And I also have some fruit yoghurts for later that need to be eaten.

If all goes good, I wanna get back on my cross trainer next week. So let’s see how things go…

Big hugzzz

Steven X

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