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The weekend is over, and it’s time to get into the work routine again. So I shouldn’t get to bed to late tonight.

Saturday we had a gathering of the family at my moms, to celebrate new year. It was good, was very good to see the family again. Cause normally you only see them at weddings or funerals. 🙁

But things were good and we all loved it. And today we went to the coast and had a nice walk and some lunch. Was lovely though. Good to be out of the house in the open air.

Had a nice lunch and then walked back to the car. Not without catching some Pokemons though 🙂

Tomorrow I’m gonna try and get back to my cross trainer. I’m kind of missing it, cause I know how important it is for me. Also, tomorrow is time for my weigh in. It’s been 2 weeks now, time to get the numbers in again.

Oh and thank you all for the nice comments I’ve had so far. It helps me a lot!

Big hugzzz, Steven X

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