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And as usual, it comes with the annual resolutions. Which as so many of us try and sustain for the longest period possible… let’s say 2 weeks max?
Hey , at least we tried… not? Or maybe i’m just talking for my self now. Cause I am so bad with resolutions, actually i’m just bad with trying to continue things I promised myself.
You know, like the yearly “oh, let’s loose some weight” idea, where you get into it with full motivation and then get fed up after 2 weeks and give up cause things don’t go they way you want them to go – or just not fast enough.

The thing is, I know that i’m bad with this. I just know that I always try and give up after a while. And mostly I use excuses, so that I don’t have to feel bad at myself for skipping a day of healthy food, or skipping my gym time. I’m sure there are others out there like me…? No? đŸ™‚

So just before the end of the year (2017) I got my annual invoice for this website which I haven’t used in ages anymore. Originally it was used when I was still doing podcasts. I published them on the website and iTunes, and people could comment and such… but that’s been ages now.
So when I got the invoice for another 12 months of service, I thought to myself… do I really need the website, do I really wanna keep it? And that’s when it came to me – why not use this site for myself. I need a motivator, that’s one of the major things I have noticed in my life. When I wanna do stuff, I need people to push me and keep me going.
So, here it is… my website, with posts about myself (pretentious twat that I am).

I just wanna see if this website, and the postings can help me continue with loads of tasks in life.
The most important one for this year – seeing as I will turn 40 this summer – is loosing some weight, and trying to become more healthy.
I have always been a big guy, and I have been heavier in the past. But I just wanna feel good about myself, so…. here we go.


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    • Wohoo! Seriously, that sounds good to me buddy! Happy 2 hear so – and we can help each other during this journey. I’m psyched now :p

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